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In September of 2019 we announced new plans for Wipster: Team and Free. While you can stay on your current plan, here are some answers to pending questions you might have.


1. What's the difference between a Seat, Team Member, and a Reviewer?

  • The new Team plan is a pay per seat model. Each Team Member occupies a seat. 
  • Team Members are usually your colleagues or collaborators and will have their own profile in your team account. Depending on the permission levels they’re granted, they can upload, comment on, and edit media files. You can deactivate and reactivate Team Members at any time.
  • Reviewers are usually clients or anyone else invited to give feedback on your media. They will review files through emails or URLs sent by team members. Just like in your current plan, in the new Team plan you can still share assets with an unlimited amount of reviewers. And, most importantly, reviewers do not need a Wipster account to review and approve your content.


2. Do I have to switch to the Team plan? 

Nope! You can stay on your current plan. If you want to switch to team, but have concerns about pricing, reach out to us at support@wipster.io.

Additionally, it's important to note that if you cancel, your existing plan will no longer be available to purchase.


3. What about the new Free plan? 

The 5GB free plan is designed for creators early in the career or current Wipster users that want a separate account for their side hustles or personal projects. It's also useful to freelancers who don't need to use Wipster every day of the week. Sign up for a free plan here


4. How do you switch? 

Again, you don’t need to change plans. But if you're ready for more features and storage, go here to upgrade from your account and choose your team member amount. If you have any questions about switching, contact support@wipster.io


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