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Here at Wipster we are focused on giving you the ability to review and perfect your videos.  Now introducing our new Version Comparison Tool so you can see all the changes your team has made from one version to the next.

Video Versions

When your versions are stacked, grouping all versions of a project together, you can click on one video in the series that you would like to compare to another.  

You’ll see a button on the top toolbar indicating which version you’ve selected and when you click on it, a dropdown menu will appear so you can enter Version Comparison mode. The Compare Versions option will only appear if you have two or more versions stacked.



Setting up your Side-by-Side Viewing

Once in version comparison mode, two videos will display side-by-side on the screen.  At the bottom left corner of each video you can select which version you would like to view.  Select any two versions to compare, whether you would like to see the very first version next to your last version to see how much it’s changed, or contrast version 4 with the most recent version 5.


Who Can Use Version Comparison

Team members or Guest team members who have access to the folders are able to use version comparison.  However, outside reviewers who are accessing videos through individual share links will not be able to use the tool.  This is because they are accessing specific videos so stacked videos will not be available to them in the same way version stacking works for team members.


Interactive Dual Comment History

Comments specific to each version populate below; here you can easily see if any issues have been resolved from one version to the next.  You can see who made the comments along with the timestamp. Click on a comment and both videos jump to the segment of time when the comment was made.  




Select Clear Video Audio

We know that when you are watching both videos, you probably don’t want to hear both audio versions at once.  At the bottom of the videos, just to the right of the selected versions, you can mute and unmute one of the versions to hear the audio from.  You can listen to either by selecting which version’s audio you would like to hear. You are able to toggle back and forth to compare both versions’ audio throughout watching.

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