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I sent some content to the trash, why hasn't my usage changed?


Rather than going straight from active projects to permanently deleted, Trash is a 'holding zone' for content that is no longer required.

This allows you to clear up your workspace of clutter while allowing you some time (30 days, to be exact) to decide whether you still want that content or whether you want to send it to the abyss of permanent deletion.

Until this time, any content sitting in the trash will take up storage space in your Wipster account.

So if you need to regain some storage space immediately, you need to permanently delete the content from the trash.

DeleteFile.png  Restore_DeleteFolder.png


Note that you need to be an owner or admin of your team to have access to these options for permanent deletion.
If you're a full access member, you have the option to archive content or send it to trash, but you won't be able to permanently delete.
If you're a guest member, you won't have any of these archive, trash, or delete options available to you.

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