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Commenting on a selected area


Sometimes single-point commenting on a media file doesn't quite cut it when you want to be really specific about what you're giving feedback on. 

Enter selected area commenting. This is where you demarcate part of a video frame, image, or PDF – simply by clicking and dragging with your mouse. 




How do you create a selected area comment? Just follow these steps:

1. While in the review screen, click on the media file just like you would with regular commenting, only this time hold down the mouse.

2.  Drag over the area you'd like to have selected, and release.

3. You will see a colored rectangular outline created around the selected area, and the comment box will appear.

4. Leave your feedback in the comment box or tag a team member, and click 'Save'.

Made the selected area too big or too small? No worries, you can resize it by clicking and dragging the little triangle in the bottom corner.


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