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What are 'seats', 'team members', and 'reviewers'?



When you first sign up for a Wipster account you can choose how many seats you want to purchase with your Team plan. A seat will be occupied by a Team Member that you invite to your Wipster account. 

Team members are usually your colleagues or collaborators, and will have their own profile in your team account. Depending on the permission levels they’re granted, they can upload, comment on, and edit media files.

You can also share assets outside your account with an unlimited amount of people, these people are called reviewers.

Reviewers are usually clients or anyone else whose feedback you’re seeking. They don’t need their own account or login to access Wipster, as they are invited to review files through share emails or URLs sent by team members.

Team Member Types

  Owner Admin Full Access Guest Access
Upload, edit, view content Yes Yes Yes Yes, for certain folders
Can add/edit team members Yes Yes No  No
Change subscription Yes Yes No No
View billing information Yes Yes No  No
Download invoices Yes Yes No No

Owner (there can only be one) plus Admin
- Main contact for account
- Can make changes to subscription
- Can add new team members 
- Can change team members' permission levels
- Can view billing information
- Can update payment method 
- Can download invoices
- Can view storage usage

Full Access 
- Can upload, view and edit any content in any active or archived folder

Guest Access
- Can only upload, view and edit the folders they are invited to

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