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What is HealthScore?



Once assets are published to social or online video platforms, you can get up to date information on how they are performing from the HealthScore. These aggregate information from all our integrated platforms and display the viewing, duration, and engagement data. We've indicated this through the outer circle, middle circle and inner circle, each one honing in on the different aspect of your video's performance.

A HealthScore that has 3 green circles means your content is "on target" or performing well.

If you have a mix of green, amber and red, it is telling you that one or more aspects of your content are "not so good" or "way off" and perhaps you should review, iterate and publish again!

The 3 circles are defined as:

Outer Circle - Views
This circle will show you how many video views you have had compared with how many could have viewed it based on how many followers/subscribers you have on the account you published to.

Middle Circle - Duration
This circle will show what the average percentage of time people spend watching your video, letting you know if most people watch to the end of your video or if they jump off a third of the way through.

Inner Circle - Engagement 
This circle will show what percentage of people interact with with the videos, such as commenting, liking and sharing the video. The more people engage in these actions, the better the score.

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