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What are my options for sharing?




When sharing your assets to your reviewers, you may have different needs based on what kind of feedback you're looking for. Now we have introduced multiple ways to share an asset depending on what stage of the process you are at. 


Share for Review (this is the default option)

The regular review option that you are already familiar with on Wipster. This option automatically enables the 'Finished Reviewing' button (previously called 'Finished Commenting'). This will be enabled at the bottom of the asset you share.

If you share a video using Share for Review, your reviewers can then leave helpful feedback that will contribute to the creation of the next version of your project.

Once they're done, they can click the 'Finished Reviewing' button to notify you that they are ready for you to look over their notes.


Share for Approval 

A new option that now automatically has the 'Approval' button enabled.

When you think your version is ready for Approval from your reviewers, you can choose to send out the Share for Approval, and let your reviewers either Approve or Not Approve the asset.

They can still make comments on a Share for Approval. You'll then have direct feedback on who has approved and who hasn't approved the asset. You'll see this tally in the Info section on the project screen, as well as receive an email notification.

Share for Approval is optional – if you're not worried about getting approval or non-approval from your reviewers then you do not need to use this option. 


Share Preview 

A completely new feature which is aimed at sending out a completely clean view only mode that has no comments attached.

It is ideal for your clients who simply want to view the project as it stands, without all the comments.

Additionally, they won't be prompted to enter their name and email address – they'll be taken straight to the project.

Think of it as a presentation mode if you wanted to show off the asset on Wipster to someone who was not a part of the review process. 


Other Important Notes:

- Share for Review is the default option that is selected

- Share for Review automatically adds a button at the bottom of the asset asking the reviewer if they have "Finished Reviewing"

- Share for Approval and Share Preview are additional options if you'd like these to be a part of your workflow

- If you are on our Business or Enterprise Plans - using the Share for Review and Share for Approval options will move assets into the different workflow stages

- You can still choose to Disable Downloads from all of your Shares if you do not want your reviewers to download the asset

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