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How does Wipster’s Slack integration work?


Wipster’s Slack integration allows you to receive updates in a Slack channel of your choice whenever activity occurs in your Wipster account. That means whenever an action is done in Wipster by a team member or reviewer, you will get a notification on your Slack channel telling you in real-time. You will also have the option of what notifications will be posted in your Slack channel, giving you full control of what you want to be seeing or limiting notifications in an already busy channel. Here are your options:

A video has been uploaded

This toggle handles all notifications for any version of video that's uploaded or imported. These are the notifications contained in that bracket:

  • A new video has been uploaded
  • A new version of a video has been uploaded
  • A video has been imported from Vimeo
  • A video has failed to upload

A video has been downloaded

This toggle handles notifications for any video that is downloaded by either a non-authenticated reviewer or a team member.

A video has been viewed

This triggers whenever a team member or an invited reviewer views a video.

A video has been shared

Created when someone shares a video or videos via email. This is not applicable to creating share links.

A comment has been made

Encompasses any kind of comment activity (comments, replies, public, team only).

A todo item has been completed

Triggers when you or a team member completes or un-completes a todo item on the video.

A video has been approved

Occurs when anyone who has been asked to approve clicks the approval, when anyone who has been previously approved a video then revokes that approval and when a video gets 100% approval from everyone who has asked for it.

A video or videos have been published

Occurs when any team member publishes a video or videos you're involved with to Vimeo.



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