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How do I use an emoji in a comment?


There are few conversations in the world that can't be made better by a well placed emoji. With that in mind we've included full emoji support across all our accounts. There are two ways to use emoji in Wipster:


Predicative Autocomplete

This is a good technique when you know exactly what emoji you're looking for, and you'd rather not browse the full list. Just type a ':' in a comment box and start typing a keyword. You'll see a pop-up appear that narrows down as you type. For a handy guide to all the emoji codes available, check out the Emoji Cheat Sheet. If you’ve ever used shortcodes like :smiley_cat: in Slack, Basecamp, or Trello, the same applies here. 


The Emoji Picker

This is great when you really want to take the time to craft something special. We call it the Wipstermoji 2000™. It's a fully categorised, searchable database of the entire emoji set. To access the picker look for the smiley face icon in the lower right hand corner of an active comment box. Hover over an emoji to see a preview version, and click on it to add it to your message.

We love emoji so much we also made a video about it. Check it out below 

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