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Team-only commenting release - May 2016


New in this release

  • Team-only commenting. Mark a comment 'team-only' and only authenticated members of your team will be able to view it. It's a great way to have a behind the scenes conversation, discuss feedback and assign tasks all in the same place that the general feedback is happening. Available on desktop, mobile and in the Wipster Review Panel for Premiere Pro.
  • Global search. Users can now search for and navigate to any videos or folders across their entire account.
  • Focus mode is now a part of the standard play controls and available to all users.
  • We've removed the character limit for comments. Now you can start writing that novel you've always talked about, right on the video.
  • The to-do list can now be filtered by complete / incomplete comments
  • New keyboard shortcut: Shift+arrow key goes back / forward 10 frames
  • Upload and encoding performance has been optimised.
  • Fixed an issue where comments would sometimes accidently commit while switching browser tabs.
  • Fixed a bug where the cursor would not disapear while viewing a video on fullscreen.
  • Many other bugs have been defeated in open-combat.
  • We've made 68 other miscellaneous improvements. See if you can catch them all.



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