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How do I resync my comments using the Wipster Review Panel?


Inside Premiere Pro, open the timeline you want to sync comments to. In After Effects, open the composition you want you want to sync comments to.

  1. Navigate to the video in the panel that you want to import comments from. If there are comments available to be synced you will see a ‘Resync' comments button underneath the video.
  2. Click the 'Resync' button. You should see markers automatically appear in your timeline. 


  • Inside Premiere Pro, open the 'Markers' panel (Navigate to Window > Markers). You will see the comment content and a thumbnail of the relevant frame.
  • When you resync comments in Premeiere Pro, it will RESET the markers on your timeline, if you have made changes, they will be lost when you resync. (We know this isn't ideal but unfortunately we are a limited by Premiere Pro's architecture).
  • Inside After Effects a null layer will be created containing markers with all your feedback. If you've moved this layer since your last sync, it will be reset to the first frame upon resyncing.
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