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What is the Wipster Review Panel?


The Wipster Review Panel is an add-on panel that works with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

With the Wipster Review Panel, you can upload video, share, and get feedback, all without leaving your editing suite.

Upload video directly inside Premiere Pro or After Effects.

Let Wipster render, encode and upload your video to your Wipster account behind the scenes, while you get to work on your next cup of coffee. It’s seamless, smooth and speedy.

Send your edit to clients and collaborators for feedback

Seamlessly share your edit from within Premiere Pro or After Effects to as many people as you like. Your reviewers get notified and won’t need an account to view or make comments.

Get feedback right on your timeline

When your reviewers start adding comments, simply click and have frame-accurate markers appear directly on your timeline or composition.

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