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What are the options when sharing a video on Wipster?


There are four 'optional extras' that you can choose when sharing video on Wipster. These are available when sharing a single video and when sharing multiple videos with a single link, though in that instance the options will be applied to all the videos included in the share.

1. Approval button

This means an 'Approve' button is added to all the videos you share. You'll see a tally of who's approved in the 'Video Info section. You can find out more about how Approval works here.

2. Password protection

This means access to these videos can only be granted by entering a password you set. You can find out more about how Video Passwords work here.

3. Disable all commenting 

It could seems counter-intuitive but sometimes you want people to just watch something without commenting. When this is set viewers will only be able to play the video. They will still see any existing comments however. Find out more here.

4. Disable download

If set viewers will be prevented from downloading any version of the video to there own computers. Find out more about downloading here

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