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How do I upload media from my Dropbox, Google Drive or Box account?


Wipster supports uploading video and images from a number of cloud storage provides, including:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Box
  • Amazon Cloud Drive
  • MicroSoft OneDrive

The following steps show how to connect your Dropbox account to Wipster.
The steps involved are identical for adding other cloud providers too.

1 - Click to upload a video or image

2 - Select 'import from the cloud'

3 - Select Dropbox and use your Dropbox login details

4 - Browse your Dropbox and select the file you want to upload

5 - Click 'select one file'



Want to disconnect your cloud storage account?

1 - Navigate to 'import from the cloud'

2 - Hover over the '✓' which will change to an 'x' and click to unlink.



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