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What notifications will my clients / reviewers receive?


When you add reviewers to your video or image via the share button, you have two options, a sharable link or a private email (see this for more: How do I share a media asset). The notifications people receive will depend on which of these two options you use.

- If you share by creating a sharable link then your reviewers won't receive any notifications from Wipster. We dont have their email address so its up to you to send them the link.

- If you share by creating a private email then Your clients will receive the following notifications from Wipster.

  • An initial email inviting them to review the video or image.
  • A notification whenever there is activity on the video or image, i.e. someone makes a comment (see note below about the 5 minute buffer).
  • An hourly digest of activity on the video or image provided there has been activity in that hour.
  • You also have the option to send one or more reviewers a 'nudge' notification to remind them to get in there and review. See this for more: What is the nudge.

Note: There is a 5 minute buffer in notifications being sent form Wipster. This means that if there are several comments made within a 5 minute period those comments will be bundled up onto one email that includes both the content and the frames for all those comments.

The 5 minute buffer resets every time a comment is made. So you will receive an email notification 5 minutes after the last comment was made in a batch.

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