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What is the difference between team members and reviewers?


In Wipster a team member is someone that can either be given access to all your projects or to one or more folders in your account.

They can then upload media and invite reviewers, as well as complete items on your to-do list. They will be given their own profile and login details on our system.

To find out how to add team members see this article: Adding team members


A reviewer on the other hand is anyone who you invite to give feedback on your media. They don’t need to have a Wipster account or be a member of your team.

They’ll simply either receive an email containing a secure link to your work, or you can send them a 'sharable link' that you create. All our plans allow for unlimited reviewers.

To find out more about how to share your work and add reviewers: How do I share a media asset?

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