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Can I organize my video inside a folder?


The thumbnail sorted on the top left of your project screen allows you to order your videos in whatever way works best for you. 

Here's how the various options work:

  1. Sort by Newest. Your videos will be sorted by the date the most recent version was uploaded. It's the default way we organise your content on Wipster.
  2. Sort by date modified. Your videos will be sorted by whichever one has most recently had activity on it. Activity is defined as reviewers commenting on the video.
  3. Sort by name. Otherwise known as A-Z. This one's pretty straightforward.
  4. Sort by unseen videos. Selecting this option will create a line in your folder that separates the video you have seen before from the video you have not seen. It's great if your working in a team on Wipster and someone else has recently uploaded new content that you need to review. You can work your way through the new stuff, and Wipster will automatically put it all below the line as you go.
  5. Sort by unseen comments. This works in much the same way as 'Unseen Videos', however it separates videos that have new comments you've not viewed before. It's useful when you've sent out multiple videos for review and you need to work your way through a lot of feedback.
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