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How do I share a media asset?


Every thumbnail on your projects screen has a button with a green arrow on it. Click this to start the sharing process (you can also find this button on the top right of the review screen).

You will then see the share window pop up. There are two ways you can share videos or images with people in Wipster:

1. Send a private email - Simply select one or more contacts, or enter email addresses into the field, then hit send. Wipster will then send these people an invitation to share your asset. You can also enter a custom message to include in the email if you wish. 

2. Create a shareable link - Just click the 'Create the link' button and your brand new shareable link will be created. You can then copy and paste this link anywhere. It's a good way to have closer control over the email or other invitation that gets sent to your clients. For more on shareable links see this article:  What is a shareable link?

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