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What’s the best file format to upload video to Wipster?


Wipster accepts all sorts of formats, but if you'd like to get the fastest possible experience then we suggest that you use .mp4, .mov or .mpg videos with the H.264 codec.

To minimising encoding and compression on our end please upload a video encoded with H.264, at the following bitrates:

  • 1080p: 4500 kb/s or less
  • 720p: 3500 kb/s or less
  • 540p: 2500 kb/s or less

We recommend that all uploads have a constant frame rate, with a frames per second count no lower than 23.976 and source audio with a bitrate no less than 128kb/s.

We use 16:9 aspect ratio for playback in Wipster so if your original uploaded video isn't using that ratio then it will be letter boxed.

For more info on what HD means in Wipster see this article: How does HD work on Wipster?

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