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Uploading a video


The moment has arrived; it’s time to add your first work-in-progress video to Wipster. The process really couldn’t be easier. When you’re looking at your workspace, you’ll see a big dashed box with a cloud with an arrow in it – this is where it begins.

 Before we go any further, some tips on files:

  • If you keep the compressed video under 2000kb/s we won’t recompress it, so you’ll be able to share it faster.

  • Though we accept all sorts of formats, Wipster will be as smooth as butter if you use these file formats; H.264, .mov and .mpg.

If this is how you roll, you can find your video in your files, drag it across with your mouse, and drop it onto that rectangle. That’s it. Or, click anywhere in the rectangle. If you do that you'll see you have two options. You can either select a video from your computer or you can click 'Import from the Cloud' to transfer your video from Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, your own FTP or a direct link. This is great if you've got a lot of video to upload and you in a hurry, and once you've connected your accounts, Wipster will remember, making the process super smooth. 

Once we’ve got hold of it, you’ll see the thumbnail pop up next door.  

As it starts uploading, the green progress bar in the project box will move along, and the time estimate will count down. However – this is no time to twiddle your thumbs! While we work behind the scenes, setting the file to playback across the world, you can:

  • Give the project a name: the default will be the original file name, but we’re sure you can do better – just click anywhere on the title, and retype it.

  • Invite your reviewers: the share button should be pretty clearly visible as it’s uploading. Click this and add either your existing contacts, or new ones (remember that all your team-mates will automatically have access to the video). When you’ve added all your names, and have seen them pop up the top of the window, click ‘done’. Next you’ll be shown the email that will go out to your reviewers – personalise it if you need to, or just hit ‘send’ and you’re done! Worried you forgot to include someone? No problem, just head back to the ‘Share’ button at any time to see who the video was sent to (and whether they’ve commented yet), and add someone new to the reviewer list. You can even delete someone’s access if you really feel like wielding your Wipster power.

Chances are that by the time you get those things done, your video will have loaded. But if it’s still uploading, go and make yourself a cup of coffee, you’re done here! We’ll finish off the upload and email your reviewers.

Now that you’ve got that part sorted, let’s take a look at how to review your feedback.

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