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What is Wipster?


Wipster speeds up your review and approval by putting the conversation right on the video or image. Here you can store, share, receive and reply to feedback, and easily manage multiple versions of the same media files.  

It’s sure to change the way you work, whether you’re a freelance animator, indie production company, or large-scale advertising agency.

Wipster is a shared workspace for videomakers, photographers and more, where anyone in your team can upload media, invite reviewers or tick comments off when they’re done. And the Activity Stream means that everyone can see what’s been done – or not – meaning nothing slips through the gaps. Using Wipster gives you complete transparency around the feedback process, making for a vastly more efficient team – what’s not to love?

You can try all of Wipster’s features for free for 14 days. 

Ready to change the way you work? Learn more about how to get started on Wipster.

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