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Uploading new versions


One of our favourite things about Wipster is version control. Rather than having a variety of inconsistently titled versions floating around in different places, here they stack up one after the other, as neat as can be.

  • When your next version of a video or image is ready, head to your Workspace (where you see all your project thumbnails, not when you’re looking at a viewing panel).
  • Below the video or image is a row of icons, and you want to hit the version button (V5 in this picture) button then upload your new version.
  • Reviewers won't get automatically added from the last version so next, invite the people you want share this version with.
  • You can switch between the versions at any time using the same drop down and selecting the version you wish to see.

And so, the process begins again!

Note: If you have team members with access to the folder it is in, they wont be automatically notified of a new version. To send them a notification just add them via the share button for that version.

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