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Uploading new versions


One of our favorite things about Wipster is version control. Rather than having a variety of inconsistently titled versions floating around in different places, here they stack up one after the other, as neat as can be.

When your next version of a video, audio, or image is ready, head to your Media Library then to the folder of your project you want to update. 

From here are there are two ways to upload a new version. 

1. Drag and Drop Method!

  • Simply drag and drop your new media file on top of the thumbnail within your media library.That's it! 

2. Import from Desktop or Upload from Cloud

  • In the upper the upper right corner of the media thumbnail click on the "..." icon. Then at the bottom of the drop down from under "Add a new version" select either "Import from your desktop" or "Import from cloud" 


Reviewers won't get automatically added from the last version so next, invite the people you want share this version with.

Manage Versions

You can also click on the "..." button from the thumbnail view and then select "Mange versions" to remove unwanted versions. 


Switching Between Versions

After you click on the video thumbnail to watch it, you can switch between the versions at any time using the drop down at the top and selecting the version you wish to see.


And so, the process begins again!


Note: If you have team members with access to the folder it is in, they wont be automatically notified of a new version. To send them a notification just add them via the share button for that version.

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