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Somewhere on the other side of the building, city, or world, someone just received an email inviting them to check out a video or image on Wipster.

Here’s how to view the video or image and give precise, contextual comments that will help make it better than ever before. To start with, click the big green button in the email (or if you’re already set up on Wipster, head into your ‘Shared with Me’ folder on the dashboard and find the video or image there).

I know, you’re itching to get started. But first, let’s go through the viewing panel:

  • Up the top of the screen the back button, which reminds you where you’ve come from – which workspace you’re in, and which asset you’re looking at. Click it any time and it will take you back to wherever you were last.

  • Down the right hand side of the review page you’ll see little circles with profile pics or initials – these are the people who’ve been invited to review this clip (tip: hover over the circle to see the person’s full name, and whether or not they’ve viewed or commented yet). If they’re not a part of your team you’ll also have the option to revoke their access to the asset from here. It might be just you, or there might be a whole screed of peeps.

  • For video, right below the play screen there’s a play bar – the thin grey line that will turn green as you play through the video (but if you need more precision, you can look at the timecode just below and use the arrows on your computer keyboard to move through the video frame by frame). If you can see any colored baubles sticking out of it, it means some comments have been made on this video already and you can click the bauble to get straight to that comment.

  • Below the play bar, you’ll see your control panel which has everything you need and nothing you don’t. On the left you have the Play/Pause button, which does exactly what you’d expect. After that you have a mute button, pretty straight forward. Next in the line is a button you can use to show or hide all comments from your view. When you have comment visible, you'll see the arrows on the right hand side of that button that you can quickly move from comment to comment and skip the bits in between. 

Then it’s time to start speaking your mind:

  • For video, press play or the spacebar. As soon as you see something you want to comment on, just click on the screen (no need to press Pause first).

  • Type your note into the comment box and hit enter to save your comment (you’ll see your 250 character word limit counting down as soon as you start writing). If you’re talking about a specific area of the frame, you can move the comment pointer to that exact spot (you can move the comment box too). Have a play – it’s all very flexible.

  • We know what it’s like; sometimes words aren’t enough, and you have to show someone what you mean. In these cases, you can attach imagery to your comments. Click the reply field and you'll notice picture icon appears on the bottom-right of your Comment Box. Click this and chose an image to attach.

  • If someone else has reviewed your media, you might want to add your 2 cents to something they’ve said. Underneath each comment you’ll see a reply box – just type your response in there, and hit enter again.

  • If you change your mind about a comment you’ve made, you can head back and hover over it to have a trash can icon appear. Click this to delete, but remember that it’s a permanent deletion, and because Wipster provides near-instant feedback, the owner may have already read this comment.

  • When you’ve said all you want to say, close your window, or head back to your workspace to upload another project.

If another reviewer comes along and replies to one of your comments, we’ll flick you a quick email to let you know (unless you’ve disabled email notifications, of course, in which case you’ll need to check your Activity Stream).

Next up: Reviewing feedback



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