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Adding team members


To really make your Wipster account work you need to get some team members involved. 

Team members can either be given access to your whole account or to just one or more folders. They can then upload videos or images and invite reviewers, as well as complete items on your to-do list. They will be given their own profile and login details on our system.

To start adding team members simply do the following:
1. Log into your account.
2. Click on the settings dropdown menu with your name on it in the top right hand corner and click on Account settings, then click on the Team members tab.
3. On the Team members page you'll see a list of all team members. To add a team member click on the green 'Add a team member' button.
4. Enter their first, last name and email address. Select the relevant access level and hit 'Send invite'.

When you add a team member to your team you can choose if you wish to give them full access to your account or just access to one or more folders.

5. They’ll receive an email inviting them to join (they will appear as pending until they agree). If you change your mind or invite the wrong person, click the trash icon to cancel the invite.

6. Once they’ve joined the crew, their arrival (and everything they do from this point) will be officially recorded in your company’s activity stream.

7. If you decide you want to change their folder access you can come back to this screen at anytime  

Now that you know how to add team member, let’s take a look at the Activity stream.

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