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How will I know if I am apart of this program and how much extra storage will I receive?



If you have been a paid user of Wipster since October 2017 and currently have an asset-based plan, you are guaranteed to be included in the Wipster loyalty program. What this means is, upon switching to one of our new storage-based plans, you will receive an extra 100GB of separate storage for the content that is already on your account, making it easier to have existing content in your account already without having to use up the new storage space you will be utilizing on your new plan. Any new content you upload on your new storage-based plan from then on will then be a part of the actual plan's usage.

You will also have until March 2018 as a grace period to make the switch to a storage-based plan, so you have plenty of time if you need to adjust the size of your account before making the switch.

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