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Redesign of the Wipster Video Review Page - May 2017


You may have noticed some pretty design changes to the look and feel of Wipster.

These changes are part of a larger commitment to a Wipster overhaul and optimization project currently underway! But first things first, what's changed for the time being?

Review-Video.pngVideo info

This is has changed from a button on the far top right saying "Video info" (who would have thought!) to the "i" icon on the right-hand sidebar.

Team member and reviewer stats

This moved from the left-hand side of the video, to also being inside the right-hand sidebar. All the same viewer analytics are still neatly tucked away.


Comments/to-do list

Where the to-do list icon (the tick) once was, the comments have been placed inside the same right-hand sidebar. This has had a redesign also, so now it's easier to scroll through, reply to comments, and complete tasks. 

New feature alert: Now reviewers also have access to the comments sidebar, as opposed to clicking through comments individually on the video (which was a bit cumbersome.) This allows your reviewers to have an even nicer reviewing experience — a simple overview of all the feedback currently on the video. 
Note: They still have no access to team-only comments or ability to complete to-do's. Just a nice viewing experience.

Review-Video-comments-open.pngApproval button

This was top left, and now it's below the video.

Share and publish buttons

The share button (previously top right) is now below the video on the right-hand side. Same with the publish button to your synced publishing platform (Vimeo or Brightcove).
Note: Have no fear, reviewers don't see the share button so they won't get confused with the approval button.


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