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What are Add-ons?


Did you know that we offer media add-ons now? If you ever find yourself a couple assets short on your monthly subscription at the end of your billing cycle, you can purchase an add-ons to expand upon your count and image count so you won't need to upgrade to a higher plan in order to get more videos or images (don't forget versions are free!). 

When you purchase any amount of add-ons, you will be given the same amount of video and images at no additional cost (i.e., you purchase 5 add-ons, you will receive 5 extra videos and 5 extra images).

Add-ons are available on all monthly subscription plans (this excludes annual plans) and are just $5 each. Add-ons expire at the end of your billing month (so be sure to buy them when you need them).

Add-ons can be purchased on your Upgrade screen in Account Settings:


Or when you hit the upload limit reached screen when you have none left for the month. 


Your account will automatically be updated with the new usage count and you'll be able to continue working on your projects with no hold-ups. If you purchase them when you are trying to upload an asset, it will still continue uploading! 

You can also upgrade or downgrade month to month as your needs change - and when you upgrade, your subscription will be prorated. Just head to your Billing Settings to change your plan.



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