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What are the similarities/differences between pricing options?


Above you can see the new pricing structure. To give a quick rundown of the similarities of all the pricing options: all accounts will have unlimited team members, unlimited reviewers and unlimited versions. No matter which pricing option you pick, you know you won't be left out on these unlimited features and well as current and future integrations, product updates and more! We'll always keep you informed of any new changes on here and on our blog if anything were to need further explanation.

We are also now introducing the option for annual payments open to everyone, as well as the usual monthly payment option.

The most immediately noticeable and main difference is the amount of videos you can store on your account per month based on our pricing. The emphasis here is per month. So for example, if you were to be on our Basic plan, the first month of your subscription will give you 15 videos to utilize. The next month you will have 15 more new videos added to your account, totaling 30.

The only exception will be for anyone signed up under our Enterprise plan, where there are certain features exclusive to them to support the needs of big businesses and corporations. To learn more about this, click here.

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